Basic features of luxury hotels

Seychelles honeymoon package usually offers you a good stay at luxury hotels and resorts in addition to convenient flights. You can buy one of the best Seychelles island packages and make your trip a memorable one. Here we are going to discuss the basic features of luxury hotels at Seychelles.

Epitome of luxury

The major benefit of residing in five-star hotels is that they are very elegant. Basically they are an epitome of comfort and luxury. You can expect your room in Four seasons seychelles and other such hotels to be not only well-decorated but at the same time also well-attended. These hotels enjoy offering you the services of the dedicated staff besides all sorts of modern conveniences necessary to make your experience of staying in such hotels a memorable one. You can without any second thought expects the hotels to treat you like a royal guest as they have hired the courteous staff. The management of these hotels is literally flawless.


A five-star hotel makes sure that all its guests are at peace and comfort. The staff at these hotels are so trained that they ensure taking good care of all the customers. The facilities and all the services at these hotels are provided in a very professional manner. The housekeeping teams are also professionally trained to ensure that the entire room of yours is clean as well as hygienic. Apart from the intangible services that are awesome the ones that you can judge are also flawless. You get to sleep in the finest quality beds and the food that is offered to you has undeniably the fantastic taste.

All in all, these are the basic features of luxury hotels that you need to know prior to booking the hotels and resorts anywhere in the world.


Tips to Ensure Your Valuables are Safe at Hotel

Seychelles island packages – There are a plethora of hotels in Seychelles but you ought to go in for the best place to stay in Seychelles. 5 star hotels in Seychelles assure you the comfort but are quite expensive. There are other Hotels in praslin island Seychelles that might offer good stay at reasonable prices but you need to be careful about your belongings there. Here we are going to discuss the tips to ensure your valuables are safe at hotel.

Don’t have blind faith on hotel staff

Most of the time, we tend to be careless with our valuables. In other words, we are too dependent on the hotel and trust the staff from the core of our heart thereby leaving our valuables in their hands assuming that they will take good care of our stuff. Though mostly the staff that is recruited at the hotel is honest but remember not all of them are honest. Above that, while they leave the hotel after their shifts not all of them undergoes a thorough background check which means that they can always stow away certain things with them and these can obviously be your valuables.

Make use of lockers

The first thing that all suggest is that you must not carry many valuable items while travelling to different places. However, in case you still need to carry some then be very careful about the same. Each time you leave the room carrying these with you is not advisable but what you must do is place them in the locker that your hotel room has. Don’t assume that you have the hotel room key so your stuff is safe even if you place it on the side tables of your bed. Go in for using the licker that is placed in your All in all, these are the tips to ensure your valuables are safe at hotel.


Tips to enjoy maximum benefit from hotel booking

Book the best resort in Seychelles for honeymoon if you desire to have the best experience. Hotels in Mahe Seychelles also ensure good stay with all the amenities present that too at affordable prices. In case you book expensive hotels then there are still a lot of things that you can do to get the best out of your stay. Here we are going to discuss the tips to enjoy maximum benefit from hotel booking.

Ensure signing up for rewards program at Four Seasons Seychelles

Each time you visit a new hotel makes sure that you explore the offers that the hotel has for you. All the hotels have certain loyalty programs and signing up for these loyalty programs is totally free of cost affair. There are few programs where you get immediate benefits the moment you sign up for these. Things that re included in such loyalty programs are the complimentary Wi-Fi, room of your choice and immediate room services like never before.

Claim the loyalty points

Almost all the hotels have certain benefits to offer to their guests who are enrolled in the loyalty club. With each stay that you have in the hotel you are awarded the hotel points that get credited to your account. Next time you book the hotel room, you have the opportunity to redeem these points. However, this is only possible if you make booking for the hotel room directly from the hotel. Even if you are not a member of the loyalty club, booking hotel room directly is always advantageous in comparison to when you book rooms using the third-party apps.

All in all, these are the tips to enjoy maximum benefit from hotel booking that not many of us are really aware about.


Things you need to ask hotel authorities

Seychelles honeymoon package from India is being booked by a lot of people considering the feedback of others who have been to the place. Seychelles hotels have got a tremendously good feedback as far as comfort is concerned which is primary for all of us. However, there are certain things that you need to ask from the hotel staff so as to enhance your comfort. Here we are going to discuss the things you need to ask hotel authorities.

Ask for comparatively better room tariffs

Ask and you shall get, never ask and the answer is always no. This fact applies well for the discounts that you can avail while booking hotel rooms especially at Banyan tree Seychelles. There is always a scope of giving you a discount on the room tariff that is quoted at the reception. You simply need to have the courage to ask for the same. the moment you ask for the better rate, the person behind the desk begins to enquire if you are a loyalty club member or would like to sign up for some program to avail the discount. There is no harm signing in for programs that can help you save money.

Ask for better services

Be it the choice of rooms or the extra service that you desire to have, the only key is to ask. Hotel authorities are always ready to go an extra mile to satisfy their guests but if you simply crib without informing them the actual issue you will just end up spoiling your stay. On the other hand if you bring the issue to the notice of these authorities you will get an immediate solution for the same. from giving you extra toiletries to booking taxi for you, hotel authorities can do it all.

All in all, these are the things you need to ask hotel authorities.


Tips for better Hotel Room Reservation

People are going in for booking the best Seychelles honeymoon package owing to the good hotels that the place offers apart from the nightlife. Even if you are booking the Best resort in seychelles for honeymoon there are still certain things that you need to be careful about that have the potential to make your stay at the resorts and hotels more comfortable. Here we are going to discuss about the tips for better hotel room reservation.

Book a quite room at Avani Seychelles

You need to make sure that you book the room that is quite. Never book a hotel room that is either on the ground floor or close to the elevators. Always book rooms that are on the upper floor and at the same time are away from elevators. The best approach is to go in for booking the room that is midway down the hallway as it tends to be the quietest part of any floor. This is so because these rooms are away from the ice as well as the vending machines and things like the guest laundry, exits etcetera.

Location of the room matters

If available, you must ask the authorities for a hotel room that is on concierge or on the suite level. These are the rooms that have the taller ceilings, which offer you a better space to breathe. You must always avoid those rooms that face the pool because though the view is mesmerizing yet this is the place for late night parties which mean that noise is always on the peak. Rooms that are at the backside of the low-rise hotel are usually quieter, though the view might not be lucrative but peace is always better.

All in all, these are the tips for better hotel room reservation.


All Inclusive Services at Resorts

The best place to stay in Seychelles for people who are on a family trip is the one where they have to pay one price for all the services. People like booking 5 star hotels in Seychelles that offer the all-inclusive services. Here we are going to discuss about the all inclusive services at resorts and hotels in Praslin island Seychelles.

All Inclusive Activities

One of the best ways to improve the overall experience of your guests is to offer them diverse activities at a payment of single price. The notion of having to pay one price for almost all the possible things that can be done at a hotel has a positive psychological effect for almost all the guests especially the ones who are visiting the place with their families. This idea comes with a lot of perceived value. You can include not only the programs and lessons but also activities like snorkelling and skiing, geocaching as well as zip-lining. In this one cost you can also include the cost of equipment use.

All Inclusive Plans of Meal

In this case quantity has a very significant role to play. By paying one price for all the meals the guests gets an idea of being able to enjoy enough food as well as drinks without requiring to pay for it each time. Also, if you consider the same from the perspective of the parent’s then this is a good approach as children usually have a smaller appetitive and they waste a lot of food that is fixed in quantity per payment. However, if the meals are inclusive kids end up picking up food that they are actually going to consume.

All in all, these are the all inclusive services at resorts that can have a positive impact on the thought process of your guests and you can also end up earning more.


Factors Influencing Recreational Activities at Resorts

Best resort in seychelles for honeymoon might be able to offer you splendid couple activities but not throughout the year. Similarly Hotels in mahe Seychelles might be able to impress you with the recreational activity package at some time of the year but not always. The reason behind the same is that these recreational activities offered to you are dependent on several factors. Here we are going to discuss about the factors influencing recreational activities at resorts.

Location of the resorts

There are shops within the vicinity of Four seasons seychelles, that offer you merchandise as well as the equipment. The golf courses are upgraded with an intention to include the golf carts as well as tournaments and not just restricted to the 18 holes. There are spas that offer treatments apart from exercise programs and personal trainers along with the specific food plus beverage for the guests who are health conscious. There are local tours organised for you and the water complexes that offer lap pools and sport pools, water slides as well as beaches plus rafting waterfalls.

Time of the year

It basically depends not only on the location but also on the time of the year you visit the place what all a resort is able to offer you. There are seasonal activities that are provided to you by diverse resorts at different places. According to the time of the year and the location, there are recreational facilities that are upgraded to offer to you the appropriate landscaping in addition to spacious layouts apart from the attendants as well as the food and beverages. This adds to your comfort.  One such distinguishing characteristics of seasonal resort activities is the availability of attendants to offer you lessons or to assist you in multiple things.

All in all, these are the factors influencing recreational activities at resorts so you need to govern the expectation level you have according to the two factors.